Empowering the Next Generation of Urban Mobility

At AirMatrix we are unlocking urban aviation's potential, by providing software that enables autonomous commercial drone operations to scale globally.

SaaS Webflow Website HTML Template
SaaS Webflow Website HTML Template
SaaS Webflow Website HTML Template

Trusted by regulators around the world

Palladium for drone pilots

Palladium is a one-stop-shop for enterprises to authorize, plan, and manage their drone operations. Palladium allows for safe and growing scale of drone operations.

Palladium is only available as a web application.

Know your airspace.

Submit LAANC operations to get approval

Libra for cities

Cities need to prepare for drones. Libra is a digital drone infrastructure platform that allows cities to ensure safe drone operations, alleviate traffic congestion and provide a new economic engine.

Economic Engine

Public Acceptance

Green Technology

We Offer

Our cloud-based software scales and adapts to the needs of each customer.

Interactive Map View

Featuring geospatial elements and it is fully interactive.

Millimetre precise 3D maps

We offer geospatial and telecom datasets from 0-1200 ft AGL

LAANC Approval

Receive automatic LAANC approvals in near real-time.


“ The accuracy reported during our flights is very, very stable at 89 metres which we are typically not able to achieve. Pre-programming of our flights with your software enable it to be impressive”

Aleksandar Prejaski, Sr. Design Specialist, IoT and Emerging Technologies,
Telus Telecommunications

“As a smart city that embraces fresh ideas and experimentation, The City of Calgary is excited to support innovations in the drone space and is looking forward to supporting AirMatrix’s work to enable safe and efficient drone operations in Calgary while respecting citizen privacy”

Monique Nesset, Smart Cities Program Manager

“This region has a growing aerospace industry as well as an amazing history in communications. So it's great to see AirMatrix commercializing technology for autonomy built in and for Waterloo, scaling across Waterloo, Canada and Internationally."

Rod Regier, The Region of Waterloo Commissioner of Planning

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