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AirMatrix revolutionizes municipalities' approach to low-level airspace management, unlocking new revenue avenues and transforming urban centers into intelligent, dynamic, and prosperous hubs. Dedicated to addressing urban challenges, our drone technologies and AI/ML predictive analytics are essential components of a modern municipality's toolkit for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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Key Features of Libra for Municipalities

Precision Mapping

Our mapping infrastructure delivers 50-100 times the precision of Google Maps for 0-1500 feet above ground, seamlessly integrating with Esri/GIS. We provide aerial imaging with 2.5mm accuracy, supporting urban planning, construction oversight, and environmental assessments. 

Traffic Decongestion

AirMatrix offers a comprehensive approach to traffic management using drone technology, providing real-time traffic updates and congestion patterns. Libra enables more efficient traffic flow and reduces gridlock.

Enhanced Awareness

Libra improves situational awareness for municipality officials through drones that offer live surveillance and monitoring, which is crucial for public safety and rapid emergency response.


Municipalities can earn revenue from takeoff and landing fees by charging for aircraft use in designated zones, providing a steady income stream. Additionally, they can maximize revenue through licensing, service fees, data sales, partnerships in vertiports, imaging, delivery, and fines.

Key Departments Leveraging Libra

Urban Planning

AirMatrix delivers precision mapping, seamlessly integrating with Esri/GIS. Our software captures aerial imagery with 2.5mm accuracy, providing detailed insights essential for urban development.


Rapid alerts and precise congestion pattern data enable real-time decision-making, enhancing traffic flow efficiency, reducing gridlock, and optimizing overall transportation infrastructure.

Public Safety

AirMatrix enhances public safety by providing municipality officials with improved situational awareness through live surveillance and monitoring. This technology is crucial in ensuring public safety and facilitating rapid emergency response.

Environmental Monitoring

AirMatrix's precise aerial imagery supports initiatives related to conservation, pollution control, and sustainable urban development, contributing to effective ecological monitoring and management.

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