AirMatrix Solution

Our system specializes in detecting and mitigating the risks of unauthorized drone activities around airports. This approach minimizes operational disruptions and significantly enhances the safety of both aircraft and passengers by effectively managing the potential threats posed by drones. As an organization, AirMatrix stands at the forefront of developing technologies and strategies to secure airspace, providing airports with a comprehensive defense against rogue drones.

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Key Features of Libra for Airports

Rapid Notification

Libra delivers real-time alerts for a swift response to threats. We enhance safety by promptly notifying users of potential dangers for quick decision-making and risk mitigation. We provide a quick alert system for threats, ensuring safety and continuity, with real-time reporting for management visibility and actionable insights.

Flight Advisory

Our system actively manages a robust infrastructure that supports extensive data streams, catering to diverse stakeholders. This guidance ensures compliance with regulatory standards and fosters a streamlined and efficient environment, ultimately contributing to revenue generation through optimized and secure drone flights.

Situational Awareness

Libra offers real-time airspace overviews that enable intelligent decision-making and strategic response capabilities. This feature becomes particularly valuable for airports, enhancing situational awareness and response readiness in complex and dynamic airspace environments.

AI/ML Detection

Leveraging proprietary AI and machine learning, our system analyzes trends and optimizes strategies, ensuring optimal performance and decision-making. This detection capability safeguards designated airspace integrity at airports, enhancing security against RF and non-RF-emitting drones.

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