Urban Traffic Decongestion

Urban Traffic Decongestion


Our solution revolutionizes traffic alleviation using real-time situational awareness, precise data, and advanced analytics. Equipped with high-quality hardware and our software, AirMatrix provides a comprehensive bird's-eye view of traffic flow, congestion, and incidents. This data seamlessly incorporates into our platform, enabling municipalities with optimal data for strong decision-making and smooth traffic movement. Our integration with artificial intelligence further enhances this capability, predicting and improving future traffic conditions, contributing to more navigable and less congested municipalities.

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Key Features of Libra for Urban Traffic Decongestion

Libra is an AI-powered airspace management solution that leverages digital infrastructure to optimize decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and fortify security through customized role-based access

Real-Time Awareness

Cover more ground and provide up-to-date information on traffic conditions, enabling swift incident response and proactive traffic management.


Streamline traffic management, offering a dynamic perspective that covers more ground and delivers real-time data for swift incident response.


Our platform, powered by AI and precise data, ensures unparalleled accuracy and insights and provides accurate data for informed decision-making in urban traffic management.

Hardware Agnostic

Integration with various sensor types without specific proprietary detection hardware enhances flexibility and accessibility for diverse applications.

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AirMatrix Drone Trafficing

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