AirMatrix Solution

AirMatrix is at the forefront of addressing these challenges by developing interoperable end-to-end solutions to enhance defense airspace security. Our software leverages AI/ML algorithms to detect and counter unauthorized drones. AirMatrix aims to contribute to a resilient and secure defense landscape amidst the increasing prevalence of unmanned aerial threats by providing real-time situational awareness, precise threat identification, and proactive mitigation.

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Key Features of Libra for Defense

Digital Infrastructure

Our robust and scalable digital infrastructure supports extensive sensor networks, ensuring comprehensive airspace coverage for enhanced situational awareness. Libra provides timely insights for relevant decision-makers. 


Leveraging radar, acoustic, RF, and camera sensors, our AI system excels in identifying aerial threats, including drone swarms, providing effective countermeasures. This technology safeguards military and civilian airspace, enhancing security.

Integrate Data

Libra integrates various meshed data sources, eliminating the need for proprietary hardware and optimizing capital investments, streamlining products onto one unified platform. This integration enhances data accessibility and interoperability.

Rapid Notification

Libra’s quick-alert system for threats ensures safety and operational continuity with real-time reporting for management visibility and actionable insights. This rapid notification capability enables swift responses to potential threats, minimizing risks.

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