AirMatrix Solution

Our hardware-agnostic counter-UAS solution protects critical infrastructure from escalating drone threats. We ensure precise uplink and downlink communication for drones while effectively mitigating electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences and ensuring uninterrupted and reliable data transmission in intricate aerial environments. Integrated with sensors and radars, we ensure precise situational awareness, reducing response times by up to 50%. By enhancing defenses and enabling precise detection and action against unauthorized drone activity, facilities effortlessly uphold the integrity of their airspace. 

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Key Benefits of Libra for Counter-UAS

Enhanced Accuracy

Libra achieves a 90% reduction in false positives, enhancing accuracy in drone threat detection.

Workload Reduction

Libra automates drone detection, reducing the manual surveillance workload by up to 70%.


Libra significantly saves costs, reducing annual operational expenses by up to 30% compared to traditional drone surveillance methods.


Libra achieves a 99.9% system uptime for continuous and reliable airspace surveillance.

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