AirMatrix Solution

Our hardware-agnostic system's high accuracy and precision in detecting drones contribute to minimizing false positives, allowing for efficient management of security risks associated with contraband smuggling and unauthorized surveillance. AirMatrix’s software is a robust ally in the ongoing efforts to secure prison airspace and control potential security breaches.

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Key Features of Libra for Prisons

Identification and Midigation

Libra's sophisticated detection capabilities actively distinguish homemade and COTS, minimizing false positives by identifying the frequencies of rotating components, ensuring precise and accurate threat identification.

Dynamic Geo-fencing

Libra triggers alerts upon drone breaches, creating virtual boundaries for preemptive threat identification. This proactive approach is instrumental in preventing potential threats, maintaining security, and minimizing risks associated with unauthorized drone activities. 

Rapid Notifications

Our quick response alert system ensures immediate notifications for potential threats, enhancing safety and operational continuity.  By minimizing response times, our system aids in preventing contraband deliveries and contributes to maintaining a secure environment.

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