AirMatrix Announces That It Is On-Track to Map 100 Worldwide Cities in the Next Year

January 3, 2023

AirMatrix Announces That It Is On-Track to Map 100 Worldwide Cities in the Next Year

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 28, 2022) - AirMatrix, the Canada-based drone traffic management software firm, has revealed that it will be expanding its data-set to include one hundred cities in 2023. These will span across continents, and will ultimately improve the platform's capacity to authorize drone flight paths. This will in turn provide cities the ability to enable commercial autonomous drone traffic.

As urban airspaces become more dense due to the rising number of drones incirculation, AirMatrix is providing software that helps cities to organizetheir drone flight-paths and minimize disruption. The firm is achieving thisby producing millimeter-precise maps of an array of regions and cities, whichthe platform then uses in order to provide 3D route optimization for alldrones. In order to make this as effective as possible, AirMatrix underlinesthat its software is hardware agnostic, and thus compatible with all kinds ofdrones.Having already mapped a number of Canadian cities onto AirMatrix's Libraplatform, the firm is emphasizing its plans to broaden its mapping scope toinclude a variety of areas both in the US and worldwide.As part of this announcement, the AirMatrix team highlights that it is enroute to have successfully mapped one hundred cities by Q2 of 2023. These willinclude mapped locations in Florida, California and Texas, along with sitesfurther afield, in countries such as Italy, Rwanda and Saudi Arabia.Senior officials from AirMatrix underline that, in the current drone-space,without this precision mapping, the risk of crashes and safety issues remainshigh. AirMatrix's Libra platform essentially enables municipalities to managetheir airspace in a similar way to how traffic managers work to avoidcongestion and accidents on the road. "After the success we've seen through the implementation of our softwareacross a number of cities in Canada, we're excited to be expanding ourcoverage to include regions of the US and cities across the world. AirMatrixputs more control in the hands of local governments, which will ultimatelyhelp to reduce the issues that regularly result from an absence of dronetraffic management," concludes Bashir Khan, CEO of AirMatrix.Media ContactName: Maggie MackayEmail: maggie@airmatrix.caTo view the source version of this press release, please visit Copyright Newsfile Corp. 2022

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