Drone Traffic Management Firm AirMatrix Expands into the US with Its Libra Software

September 29, 2022

Drone Traffic Management Firm AirMatrix Expands into the US with Its Libra Software

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Drone Traffic Management Firm AirMatrix Expands into the US with Its Libra Software

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 29, 2022) - Remote traffic management software provider, AirMatrix, is accelerating its growth and introducing its services into regions of the US. Having previously been based primarily in Canada, AirMatrix is expanding its Libra platform to include a number of US cities. The firm underlines that its objective in doing so is to broaden the range of municipalities that benefit from its drone traffic operations software.

AirMatrix's Libra system is geared towards enabling cities to better manage their airspace, and to make sure that all drone operations are completely safe. AirMatrix maps out each city with an unprecedented level of precision, before inputting this data into Libra. Local governments can then use this software to orchestrate drone path-ways through 3D route optimization. This is made possible through the fact that Libra's APIs can connect to the autopilot of the drone, and ensure that it is sticking to the route that it is supposed to be on.

The need for this is particularly prominent in states with high populations and high rates of drone usage. Currently, California, Texas and Florida are the top three states in terms of numbers of commercial drone operators. This is partly as a result of drones playing a key role in the Hollywood film industry, as well as being integral for Texan oil companies as they scan their territories. Furthermore, all three states have an abundance of farmland that requires regular surveillance.

With drone usage thriving in California, Texas and Florida, AirMatrix has identified these as initial hubs for its US expansion. Once they have access to Libra, local authorities in a number of cities in these states will be able to approve or deny drone flights, depending on whether they meet certain standards and regulations. In addition to this, they will be able to issue transport advisories, such as when a particular portion of airspace has to be deemed temporarily off-limits.

"Through AirMatrix's Libra platform, a variety of US cities will now be able to more effectively manage drone activity in their airspace. This will pave the way for reduced accidents. We are also about to launch Palladium, which will open up our mapping data to drone-operators, as well as cities," emphasizes Bashir Khan, CEO of AirMatrix.

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