Prisons are increasingly dealing with the issue of illegal drones. These devices can quietly bring contraband into the facilities or spy on restricted areas, leading to significant security challenges. In modern prison environments, contraband smuggling has become one of the most pressing problems to address.

At AirMatrix, we have pioneered traffic management systems for regulatory compliant drones. The challenge a lot of facilities and critical infrastructure face are non-identified rogue drones. This is why we are offering a complete counter UAS security solution to authorities all over the globe.
Our prison security software seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, efficiently detecting and neutralizing all types of drones, whether they use RF or non-RF signals. With advanced capabilities, it accurately identifies and classifies both birds and drones, enhancing security measures within prison premises. This comprehensive solution provides an effective way to strengthen overall prison security and surveillance.
AirMatrix specializes in providing counter-UAS solutions to enhance prison security, with the aim of curbing contraband smuggling. We achieve this by detecting and classifying small objects such as drones and birds.


Accurate classification

Our system features advanced capabilities for distinguishing between different types of small objects.

Rapid notification

Real-time updates for immediate reaction to potential security threats.

Strengthened security

An extra layer of security to safeguard the integrity of prison establishments.

Built on Palantir's Foundry'

Utilizes the robustness of Palantir's Foundry for reliable and efficient data handling.

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