Airports are increasingly confronting the problem of unauthorized drones. These devices, flying in controlled airspace, can disrupt aircraft operations and pose significant safety risks. They can interfere with flight paths, lead to potential collisions, and even be used for illicit activities. Indeed, tackling the threat of drones has become an urgent priority to ensure the safety and security of passengers, staff, and the entire airport infrastructure.

AirMatrix provides advanced Counter-UAS solutions for airports, effectively addressing issues related to drones flying near airport perimeters and bird activity on runways.


Precision Tracking

Our technology accurately identifies and tracks objects, regardless of size.

Instant Alerts

Timely notifications are dispatched to operators, enabling swift decision-making.

Operational Continuity

Through quick detection and management of birds on runways, we maintain seamless operations.

Enhanced by Palantir's Foundry

We utilize the power and versatility of Palantir's Foundry for superior data integration.

At AirMatrix, we have pioneered traffic management systems for regulatory compliant drones. The challenge a lot of facilities and critical infrastructure face are non-identified rogue drones. This is why we are offering a complete counter UAS security solution to authorities all over the globe.
Our airport security software offers a comprehensive solution for airports, providing efficient and effective protection. It detects any type of drone, ensuring the safety and security of the airspace, while also promptly identifying bird swarms to minimize disruptions. Additionally, the software seamlessly integrates with existing security systems, enhancing overall efficiency and enabling a unified approach to airport security.

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